Rebel MC & Tenor Fly – The Wickedest Sound (Swemix Remix) [1991]

This banger is not on the original release, its on “The Wickedest Remixes” as the AA track and what a tune it is. The track itself is a classic, great ragga vocals, a cracking subbase and break. Instead, the Swemix, takes it down a touch, makes it a bit fluffier and I think thats what makes this track, the best of all the mixes for me. However, its so damn close, the sounclash mix is huge, Don Gorgon is the nuts. Hell, what am I saying, the whole lot rock. Enjoy!

Rebel MC – The Wickedest Sound (Don Gorgon Mix)
Rebel MC – The Wickedest Sound (Soundclash Mix)

From Discogs
For Me This Is One Of The Most Important Records In The History Jungle/dnb. A True Dance Floor Smasher That Merged The Speeded Up Hip Hop Breaks With Raggamuffin Bass lines And Sporadic Reggae And Hip hop Samples.All Topped Off With A Vocal Track From The Rebel Himself , The Mighty Tenor Fly and Frighty.A True Killer That Does Not Fail To Smash Up The Dance floor Any Time Its Played.The Rebel Used These Succsesful Ingredients To Make Some Other Killer Tracks But For Me This Tops The List As Most Definetley The Wickedest Sound.


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