The Staple Singers – I’ll Take You There [1972]

Todays update comes courtesy of my father, who’s been pounding youtube for some classics and what a classic this is. Uplifting, funky with some of the best vocals of the time from the Staple Sisters. The whole beginning is lifted from The Liquidator from Harry J Allstars, before the main track kicks in and all hell breaks loose. Sadly, the track wound up being located in the audio library of almost every commercial company out there. Ive heard the track played more times on the TV than I ever heard it on the radio. But I guess thats just a testament to how great the track really is eh!

From Wikipedia
The entire song, written in the key of C, contains but two chords, C and F. A large portion of the song is set aside for Mavis’ sisters Cleotha and Yvonne and their father “Pops” to seemingly perform solos on their respective instruments. In actuality, these solos (and all music in the song) were recorded by the famed Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section. When Mavis Staples says “Daddy, now, Daddy, Daddy” (referring to “Pop’s” guitar solo), it is actually Eddie Hinton who performs the solo on record. Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section bass player David Hood performs the song’s famed bass line. Terry Manning added harmonica and lead electric guitar. Roger Hawkins played drums, Barry Beckett was on electric piano, and Jimmy Johnson and Raymond banks contributed guitar parts. The Memphis Horns played the signature soul horn lines.

Rolling Stone editor David Fricke described this song as the “epitome of the Muscle Shoals Sound”. It was recorded in Muscle Shoals, AL at the famous Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, and overdubbed and mixed at Ardent Studios in Memphis by Engineer Terry Manning.


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