Dave Angel – Arabian Nights [1995]

From Discogs
I adore this LP. To me this album is a Techno masterpiece and contains some of the finest electronic music to never come out of Detroit. As a matter of fact I think it’s better than most music I’ve heard from the Motor-City. “Arabian Nights”, “Timeless” and “Scatman” all feature breathtaking melodies and deft, unrivalled production skills.

My favourite track though is “Bump” which is one of the most funky, joyful techno tunes I’ve heard. When I first heard this I was leaping around like a little lamb and it still makes me smile from ear to ear to this day. “Be-Bop” is also a sensational piece. The title says it all. It’s digital Be-Bop Jazz, plain and simple. The finale “Rudiments” is also an incredible, deeply, moving track. Again the perfect marriage of the acoustic and technology – A jazzed out masterpiece.

I have owned this album since it’s release and I still get great pleasure listening to it. Some of the warmest, emotionally affecting computer music ever made in my opinion. Dave Angel is the original Blunted Boy Wonder!!! Nice 1 Mate!


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