Lali Puna – Nin Com Pop (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix) (2005)

Taken from “Lali Puna – I thought I was over that : Rare remixed and B sides”

Morr Music 2005

From wiki –

Lali Puna is an experimental electropop band from WeilheimGermany[1] (close to Munich). Founded in 1998 by Korea-born Valerie Trebeljahr (vocals and keyboards), other members include Markus Acher (also member of The Notwist), Christoph Brandner (drums) and Christian Heiß (keyboards). The latter joined Lali Puna in 2003, after keyboard player Florian Zimmer had left the band.

They have so far released four studio albums, a compilation album and several EPs, all published by the Berlin-based independent label Morr Music. Two singles were released prior to the band signing with Morr.

Acher and Brander are also members of Tied & Tickled Trio.




One Response

  1. This, is pure quality. If your going to do IDM, you’d do best to refer to this and most of Lali Puna’s work.

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