CJ Bolland – Horsepower [1991]

CJ Bollands Ravesignal series were absolutely unstoppable, epic slices of classic Techno and Hard Trance. He may have lost his way over the years but take one look at any track he released before 95 and you’ll see why he remains one of the most talented producers in any form of dance music. Horsepower is one of the best examples of this, a track that was so ahead of the curve, you’ll still hear it in mixes to this day, TWENTY YEARS after it was released. If thats not an endorsement of someones talent, I dont know what is. But why you may ask, does this techno track “have it” and so many dont. Take a listen, its a fairground ride of synths, a bobsled ride of rolling bass and sweeping evil electronic sounds. Everything got pushed into this one and at no point does it sound saturated. Pure, enveloping techno.

From Discogs
A dark destroyer of a track. ‘Mindwar’ that is. This has always been the standout track for me and on its release was the best R&S release to date. This was what techno was all about in 92. We still had to put up with tracks like ‘Dominator’ which is seen by many as a classic but the real deal is here. All force and no gimmicks. This is the stuff that paved the way for his later release ‘The Fourth Sign’ which sold many copies. Horsepower, the title track is also a massive classic on the dancefloors of 92 and is reminiscent of ‘Spring Yard’ on ‘The Fourth Sign’. Very hard ,driving techno that was guaranteed to either lift you or squash you. Either way, this EP has the desired effect of brutal early nineties techno done how it should be done. R&S artists really were leading the way in that year and not many came close. You have to remember that this was the year Aphex made his debut with Didjeridoo, CJ had ‘The Fourth Sign’ and ‘The Source’ brought out his ‘Organised Noise’ LP. All top of the range acidic techno with intelligence to boot. Recommended for any collector of innovative techno classics.

What can be said about this amazing EP to do it justice? “Horsepower” remains to this day, one of the genre-defining tracks in Dance music – very hard to create a sound quite unlike anything before or since. I remember returning from an allnighter in Dec ’91 to put on my headphones, taking turns to play each side of this EP whilst avin’ it large in my bedroom as i had earlier in the night. I could still do it now…respect Mr.Bolland!


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