Aphex Twin- Digeridoo [1990]

Speaking of ground breaking techno, how could you ever overlook the Digeridoo? Another R&S release originally, back in 1991 and still as groundbreaking today. The synth that dominated this track is just fucking amazing. There’s nothing more to say about it, you cant, it speaks entirely for itself, demonstrating the technical skill Mr James has. Everything else in this track plays second fiddle to the manic, face tearing acid sweeps of this synthetic didge. An absolute masterpiece.

From Discogs
Do you know the feeling just before take-off? You don’t really feel comfortably, but a few moments later you’re airborn. A pleasant feeling emerges and you start to enjoy the ride.
“Didgeridoo” does this with me every time I hear this record. This track confuses you at the start, but then lifts you up and guides you towards the moon (or do I prefer the Red Planet?).
Great sounds of a didgeridoo (the music instrument of the Aboriginals) are combined with great percussion and towards the end spooky strings and sounds. “Richard D. James” at his best.

I’d echo everything that’s already been said about Digeridoo, it’s a truly unique classic. I recently had the pleasure of hearing Aphex Twin himself play the tune to a 2000 sell out crowd at the Glasgow Barrowlands and it completely blew the roof off.

There is still a lot to be said of the other tunes on this release. On the A side Flaphead is another techno masterpiece that goes much darker than Digeridoo. It’s not long before its pounding 4/4 beats are accompanied by a haunting electronic synth line that remains steady throughout the rest of the tune. I’d could imagine this tune being dropped to a more open minded crowd sometime during the early hours of the morning. On the flip side Phloam is relentless from start until finish, with some killer drum programming and some industrial sounding effects that maintain a dark vibe throughout the song. Isoprophlex/Isopropanol is another techno destroyer that I’ve personally witnessed a couple of dance floors going wild to even 10 years on. One of the things that also stands out about this track is the psychedelic break about 4 and half minutes in with the “flowers that bloom in the warmth of the sun…” sample that was taken presumably from a children’s TV show.


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