Twenty Four Seven – I Cant Stand It (Bruce Forest Remix) [1990]

Ah, Belgian Hip-House… you’ll forgive the video, this was the very beginning of 1990 and had no budget šŸ™‚ Video aside, the original was a pretty decent, if repetetive Hip House number produced by the fantastic Ruud van Rijen, the vocals getting far more repeats than necessary and overall being more frustrating than it should have been. Then the legendary Bruce Forest picked it up and turned it into solid gold. Making it more Housey than the original, the bassline and kick drum sounding more progressive house than anything else on the scene at the time. The vocals from Nancy Coolen (aka Nance) are smooth as hell. Sure, ole Capt’n Hollywood isnt exactly the most credible sounding or talented MC’s but his dialogue over the top of the bassline in this version just works perfectly. I have so many fond memories of caning the hell out of this at full volume with the bass cranked, its a total classic.

From Discogs
In 1989, when this was recorded, I used to go to a small nearby village named Asten in order to spend some of my Saturday night parties on a dance floor of the local Freebird club, where DJ Ruud Van Rijen was spinning. I had a chance to spot him at Freaky Records in Eindhoven (the shop, not the associated record label) when I was a freshman at the local Technical University, and he told the shop keeper that he was working on a track. As a matter of fact, an instrumental demo of “I can’t stand it” was playing, sounding like a sort of prototype big beat, including a “Ben Liebrandish” vocoder voice, having more resemblance with Tears for Fears’ “Shout” than the likes of Technotronic to which the most popular version of it is associated to (I didn’t know at that time that it was HIS track that was playing).


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