Dream Frequency – Live The Dream (Piano Mix) [1990]

Mr Bland doing what he does well, mental acid samples, huge piano riffs and soulful vocal hooks. Dream Frequency was just Ian Bland and a collection of guest vocalists/performers, most notably Debbie Sharp who sang the vocals on the two biggest DF hits, Take Me Away and Feel So Real.

This track is a cracker, its 3 minutes of pretty banging but albiet standard issue 1990 hardcore techno/house until… at 3:30, Bland brings in the piano riff that gives this track its remix name. Its so huge, so monumental a piano riff, heard live I can only imagine my head would probably explode. Epic.

From Discogs
Often misregarded as cheesy and easy, Dream Frequency nonetheless made an excellent debut with this one. You can clearly see how US Acid House influenced the man, especially in drums patterns, but the two “Live the Dream” tracks are also offering a very UK-ish moody ambience, smooth and mental that really holds some of the 3rd Summer Of Love spirit.
“Feel It” too was heavily rotating back then, obviously showing how the continental sound (techno-house from the likes of Fierce Ruling Diva and the whole 90 Belgian scene) was penetrating UK at that time : a true heavy rave stomper, with the claps slashing on whirling smooth acid lines.
The other tracks are variations on Live the Dream, but leaves a pleasant sensation once the stylus flight ends.


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