Liquid Crystal – Radiate [1992]

Wow, just wow. One of the defining hardcore records of all time, its got everything, does it all better than most and retains its integrity as a pinnacle track in the scene. Its beloved by thousands, will guarantee smiles anytime its heard, it’ll make your peak higher, your rush stronger, you will literally swing from the rafters when the piano drops. Absolute perfection, I challenge anyone to find fault with this.

From Discogs
Well well well i have heard this tune over and over again, its RADIATE , it was on my favourite rave tape :mastersafe and swanee DREAMSCAPE 4 ….MASTERSAFE Opened his set with this choon and brought the house down (well santuary Milton Keynes -RIP No longer there)…anyway a perfect record to open any set at any rave back in 92 ,proberly a little dated now like alot of stuff from that time but put together really well …a great peice of piano in there and a smashing hard breakbeat – need i say anymore …im sure the hip hop sample comes from Eric B + Rakim :Let the rythnm hit Em: (Hit em at point blank range and watch em RADIATE ) … but i do stand to be corrected if im wrong .Also respect to IAMDECK for helping track this wicked tune from 92 down for me …long live the hardcore.

Let me just say a few words about Radiate, the sweet pearl resting in peace on this vinyl, never been on a compilation, never got the attention it deserves. the piano melody hits the right chords, i repeat, together with the strings, the damn right tones. this is pure beauty together with the hard breakbeat. i´ll love you forever, cute radiate..


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