Sugar Bear – Dont Scandalize Mine [1988]

“Call me a star, watch me shine”

Top Drawer Hip Hop classic. You gotta have some balls to sample the Talking Heads, Once in a Lifetime doubly so. But this doesnt just nail it, it knocks it out the park. Absolutely epic. The lyrics are pitch perfect, conscious and hype at the same time, guaranteed to destroy anything in its path.

Theres a great write up over at Jesse Serwers blog with an interview with the man himself, Sugar Bear.

Nobody knew I was making a record. When I made ‘Don’t Scandalize Mine,’ I wasn’t even out there telling people this is what I am doing. I think I was just making a record because everybody else was doing it. I was just like ‘Yo, this is what I’m doing’ and this guy Paul Shabazz, who shared the studio with Hank Shocklee at 510 South Franklin, said, ‘I think we got something.’ We did two cuts, both at Web’s house, ‘Don’t Scandalize Mine” and “Ready to Penetrate.’ ‘Don’t Scandalize Mine’ means mind your business. I’m good with metaphors, I make up shit. That’s just a saying I made up. On the first demo, the beat on ‘Don’t Scandalize Mine’ was real slow.

Continue reading over at Jesse’s blog…


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