Art Of Noise – Moments in love (Cyberdesign Remix) [2008]

Slight sidestep from the days Hip Hop, this awesome remix crossed my path today and I had to share. Taking the Electro-Pop original from Art of Noise and throwing a pretty heavy Progressive beat in the back, brings this classic bang up to date.

From Discogs
Although the original 10-minute version appeared on both the Into Battle release in 1983 and the Who’s Afraid album in 1984, “Moments In Love” wasn’t released globally as a commercial single until 1985, when the song was featured on the Pumping Iron II: The Women soundtrack. Reissues followed in 1986 and 1987, in some markets. Copyright dates indicate the edits & remixes were prepared in 1984.

Singles generally featured shortened edits of the album version. The 12-inch remixes were “Moments In Love (Beaten)” and the slower “Love Beat”. On the Daft compilation, the former was retitled “Love”, and an edit of the latter was called “(Three Fingers Of) Love”. 12-inch and CD singles also included an edit of “Beat Box (Diversion One)”, listed on the releases either as “Beatbox Diversion 10” or just “Beat Box”. In the US, “Moments In Love” was later paired with “Close (To The Edit)” as a double-A-sided reissue, accounted for separately in Discogs.


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