The Shamen – Boss Drum (Beatmasters Boss Mix) [1992]

Whatever happened to the Beatmasters for starters? They were everywhere like a bad case of the clap back in the early 90’s and then they dropped off the face of the Earth! Regardless, they were responsible for some cracking remixes back then, a fair few of them being for The Shamen. Boss Drum, the title track from their fantastic 92 album gets a fantastic rework from the guys. Its a lot less pop’y, instead opting for a nice tribal feel with an unrelenting bassdrum and bassline secton. The vocals are still fun, easy to sing along too even though I actually prefer the Beatmasters Tribal mix which does away with them entirely. However the rest of the track is a blinder, nothing but respect for The Shamen guys, they delivered every step of the way. With the possible exception of Destination Eschaton…

The Shamen – Boss Drum (Shamen 12″ Mix) is also top quality.

From Discogs
This release is a great example of the early tendency to cross genres at the beginning stages of techno development in the early 1990s. What I mean by that is that its producer was infusing certain “pop” elements into this number – mainly the element of a memorable melody and some memorable vocals. It’s far from “pop music” however and is 100% techno by all other accounts. And The Shamen did an excellent job, too. The “Shamen’s 12″ mix” is the best (to me) and the other mixes aren’t all too bad either. One of my faves out of the earliest of techno releases and well worth the effort to find it. Listen for yourself and please, PLAY IT OUT! Your crowd will enjoy it.


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