T99 – Anasthasia [1991]

This on the other hand, is a belter of a track. Keeping the cheese riff to its rightful place and mixing it up with some quality string work. Plus, its got a breakbeat, which means its more a hardcore slant than any of that previously mentioned shite masquerading as techno. I guess this is why this track found its way into many a DJ box and ive never heard LA Style played live. Still, when Derek May claims your song will destroy techno, your kinda up shit creek 🙂

From Discogs
The intro of “Anasthasia” is a sample of the intro of the “Carmina Burana” Cantata.
It was the first release using the begining of “Staaaatu Variabilis” as a stab.
The intro is amazing and makes me shiver every time I ear it.
This sound was used all over 1991 and 1992 just like the hoover sound of “Mentasm”… over and over
If these 2 sounds wasn’t discovered, only half of the techno “hardcore” of that era might have been put out….


2 Responses

  1. It isn’t sampled off a film at all – it’s on the dance card for the roland jv1080! Lol cause I had one and the card and it’s in that card:)

    • Haha, thats awesome. Thanks for the heads up Mikee, i’ll chuck that edit in shortly. I shamelessly grabbed that snippet from Discogs do perhaps i’ll add it there too. Much respect mate, cheers.

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