Silver Bullet – 20 Seconds To Comply (Omen Mix) [1989]

This needs almost no introduction whatsoever. The second mainstream hit from the exceptionally talented Silver Bullet absolutely decimated the charts back in 1989. It has universal appeal, i’ve yet to find a soul that doesn’t enjoy this track. The rapping is an impeccable, staccato whirlwind of lyrics, the break is a belter and that deep sub base keeps the track menacing. The addition of all the Robocop samples was a stroke of genius, getting people who may have passed up the track hooked by the recognisable movie samples just helped showcase what the rest of us all knew – sampling was everywhere, in everything. An absolute legendary tune that requires all the praise showered upon it. Incredible.

Silver Bullet – 20 Seconds To Comply (Original Mix)

From Discogs
Well known for its Robocop intro which helped in it becoming such a mainstream hit even though it was nothing but a rough demonic monumental slab of uk hardcore hip hop , but bullet did it in such a very eerie scary evil way which not many had done before. Samples, scratchers and lyrics were all menacing in a mystic type way. It hit the top of the charts which still surprises me considering what else was on there at the time yet still was loved by fans of Gunshot, Hijack, Demon Boys, London Posse etc strange times, for a while there it seemed London had been set alight and Bullet was in the middle spitting lyrics of fury.

As mentioned above, this record contains samples from the motion picture “Robocop”, where the fully mechanical type is presented first, just to go on a rampage due to a software failure. Anyway, this record uses a extremely pitched up breakbeat later to be used in “Rhythm Quest – Closer to all your dreams (Hibrid mix)” and for me its a cornerstone in the evolution of hardcore/junglemusic in the late 80’s uk just like Rebel MC and Shut up & dance. Shift this gangsta hiphop and get this one… real hardcore!


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