Mega’Lo Mania – The Finest [1994]

Kicking off this short week with an absolute BELTER. If your going to do Hard Trance, your first stop should be Nils Ruzicka and Ramon Zenker as Mega’lo Mania. This for me is probably their best offering by a mile, keeping the vibe really positive, great string work and a couple of synth riffs so catchy, they’ll destroy pretty much any dancefloor.

From Discogs
The Finest is a simple-sounding, but very good tune. It has a positive feel, and a good flow. The extra track Antasy maybe takes some time to really enjoy, but is a very underrated track! However, in my ears, Gozzle is way off here. Keeps little of the feel of the original, offers nothing new, is slow and boring. Probably there are people that like this style also, but it has nothing to do with Mega ‘Lo Mania…

If you have the opportunity to buy the original single, I would recommend that over this one. However, this one is definitely worth the money also, just ignore Gozzle 🙂

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