The Shamen – Hyperreal (William Orbit 12″) [1990]

Masterful rework by Mr Orbit on this, one of my favourite of all time Shamen tracks. Its got Evil Dead samples, nothing not to love there. The vocal is absolute perfection with the trance riffs and the break is interesting enough to distinguish this from every other four to the floor trancer of the time. Throw in that huge sub baseline and your laughing. A milestone track from some of the most talented producers of early dance music. Classic.

From Discogs
Founded in Scotland by Colin Angus, Derek & Keith McKenzie as Alone Again Or. Later on changed their name to “The Shamen” and added member Will Sinnott in the 1980’s, fusing guitar, sampled sounds and Hip-Hop beats.

Later progressing into Acid House in 1988, and then an international chart act come the early 1990’s with Techno House and dance music sounds.

With releases going back to 1986, The Shamen were one of the early pioneers of ‘indie’ dance. ‘Jesus Loves Amerika’ (notice the spelling) was a politically-charged innovative and infectuous early release in 1988 which is now quite hard to get hold of and collectable.

The Shamen went on to have 15 hits in the British singles chart, 5 of which made the top 10. Who can forget the topical playfullness of ‘Ebeneezer Goode’ (No. 1) and the stomping greatness of ‘Move Any Mountain – Progen’ (No. 4)?


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