Foul Play – Feel The Vibe (Again) [1992]

GOD YES. The last track on the seminal Foul Play Vol. 2 EP and what a stormer it is. Its a remix of a track featured on the previous EP and whereas that one was a pretty understated hardcore jumper, this remix is absolutely MASSIVE. Some proper hardcore riffs take center stage with a sub base thats raw as fuck. Quality breakbeat work and some crafty samples complement the track but for me, its one of those examples of hardcore riffs done right. I doesnt sound cheesy, it sounds all encompassing, designed to echo across a crowd of tens of thousands of partygoers. Totally Epic.

I actually had no idea that Steve Bradshaw, one of the founding members of Foul Play had actually passed away in 1998 after a long battle with MS. He and his associates made an indelible mark upon dance music, RIP.

From Discogs
Solid EP. This is true treasure for anyones collection! The best of all of the vols for many of the original oldskool hardcore heads. All 4 tracks are fueled by mad stablines, gated vox and head crushing basslines! Feel The vibe (Again) has to be the one that gets the crowd pumped and begging for more! Thanks to these guys for their sublime work. Put this one in your releases to own before you die!

This has to be one of the greatest 4 track oldskool EP’s ever produced !!! all 4 tunes stand up in there own rights as classics, with ricochet (no stopping the remix) being the pick of the four !! if you havent already got this…then do so !!


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