Portishead – Mysterons [1994]

Wow. Even now its still incredible. The first track from Portishead’s first album, Dummy and what a way to kick it off. Its not my favourite on the album, that beauty is buried further down but as a stand alone track, Mysterons is a stroke of genius. The Theramin coils and slivers between the broken breaks and the haunting vocals performed impeccably by Beth Gibbons. I remember being handed the tape way back in 94, taking it home and suddenly having my perception shifted way past all the Jungle and DnB I was enjoying at the time, way past my dabbles in other downtempo tracks – Massive Attack, Tricky and the like. The pure analogue sounds of Mysterons is what grabbed me by the lapels and dragged me deep into the depths of Dummy. What a ride it was.

From Discogs
Dark beautiful haunting trip hop of the very highest order. Beth Gibbon’s voice is unbelievably unique & beautiful. The touch of melancholy in her vocals & her voice sometimes at breaking point, coupled with Andy Smith’s superb beats make for a stunning & compelling combination. One of the greatest dance/electronic albums ever and probably of any genre.


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