Ivory – Blaze A Trail ( Breakfastaz Remix ) [2004]

Belting remix from the Breakfastaz. I’ll admit, im a bit on the fence with a lot of the solo work but almost all their remixes that I have heard have been flawless. I love Ivory’s lyrics on this track, I reckon its a near perfect example of mid-2k’s UK breakbeat. Raw and grimy, punchy lyrics and head kicking breaks. YES!

From Ivory’s My Space Page
A self-confessed nutter on stage, Ivory and his band are currently one of the most talked about live acts. All raw power, fast rhymes and big hooks, he has commanded floors from indie venues and clubs to festivals such as Glastonbury. “Simply one of the best live acts I’ve seen’ Touch Magazine.

Radio 1’s Annie Nightingale, Huw and Mary-Anne Hobbs, and Kiss FM’s Tayo became massive supporters. XFM’s Eddy Temple-Morris was moved to say: ‘When I heard Ivory I thought, WOW, this guy is serious…. this is REALLY GOOD! His tunes were in my box from the day I got them and will be till the day I stop breathing! He’s amazing.’ realeditorbest profile toolsrealeditorbest profile tools

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/ivoryonline#ixzz15OqtjnXt

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