Hurtdeer – Motion Hole [2010]

I think the Mothers Against Noise guys said it best with “Reggae pushed through a blender”. This is a dark, broken headfuck of a track. I clocked this off the Phuture Frequency podcast 32, Mothers Against Noise Edition from a few months back. They’re playing mostly fucked up Post-Jungle amen’s and jungle mashed neurofunk. Imagine if you gave Autechre and Aphex Twin the Congo Natty back catalogue and your on your way.

Hurtdeer’s track is a great example of this, with amens broken up with dancehall hits and ragga lyrics bashed together with some downtempo business and monster basslines. Its so mullered I cant decide if I love it, I deffinately dont hate it. Its insanity is intoxicating on a Monday morning!


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