Boards Of Canada – Roygbiv [1996]

Taken from my favourite BoC album, Boc Maxima, this track just rocks my love of analogue synths. The BoC boys demonstrate their significant understanding of the analogue sounds, blending it seamlessly with downtempo beats. Bringing that sound, kicking and screaming into the present. Mastery aside however, this is a track thats all about the journey. Starting deep and brooding, letting that Oberheim do the talking, the track shifts gears into mellow bliss with a huge synth and string arrangement that is the aural equivalent of standing on a mountain top with a windchill of -4 in direct sunshine. Crisp, clean, fresh, awesome.

From Discogs
Everytime I hear this album I fall deeper in love with the sounds of Boards of Canada. Whoa that was a long sentence. Anyways, BOC Maxima is a great album, the first that I’d heard from them. It’s so damn chill, it almost makes me lethargic, but in the most happy way possible. I want to hang out with these guys – I’ve seen pictures of their studio (mostly old analog equipment, percussion instruments and guitars), and I would simply love to see them in action.

Great album. Definetly pick it up if you like chill, relaxed, ambient music with a great beat.


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