Supreme Beings of Leisure – Under The Gun [2000]

Way back in 2000, SBL dropped their first album on an unsuspecting public. Nothing but downtempo funky grooves that evoked a multitude of sun tinged memories. Sultry vocals, massive basslines and fat beats sew this head nodder together perfectly. I love a lot of these post-Acid Jazz tracks, the Shadow posting below got me all started on digging out some old classics.

From Discogs
The Supreme Beings of Leisure’s unique sound was created almost by accident; while recording a rap demo, Rick Torres, Kiran Shahani, and Ramin Sakurai asked Geri Soriano-Lightwood to try her hand at writing and singing over the tracks. The result was a pleasant surprise, and a new kind of band was born. The Supreme Beings of Leisure blend clever programming and seductive grooves with distinctive vocals communicating sentiments of longing and disillusionment. The inimitable result has garnered praise from fans and critics alike.These unique musicians are distinguished as much by their use of cutting edge computer electronics as they are by their disparate cultural influences. Raised in “white,” upper-middle-class America, the band members, whose cultural heritages range from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic to Japan, Ireland, and Iran, always felt somewhat out of place. After coming together, a global, widely appealing sound flowed naturally out of their distinctive yet collective life experiences.


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