Way Out West – Mindcircus [2002]

Way Out West’s album “Intensity” is a fucking incredible slice of progressive house and this is probably the best bloody track on the album. Tricia Lee Kelshall’s vocals just send this track into orbit, silken, smooth and emotional. Throw into the mix, a cracking break and bottomless synth arrangements and your laughing. Absolute bliss. Gabriel and Dresden did a farkin supreme vocal trance remix of this number and for many, is the only version that they know. I’d put this a close second behind the original since the original arrangement has far more depth than the remix.

Way Out West – Mindcircus (Gabriel & Dresden Remix

From Discogs
This piece of vinyl contains one of my most favourite vocal progressive house tunes ever. I’m talking about the Way Out West Club Mix. It’s a beauty of a tune! Especially the parts in the break where they fade down the tune, and then pop it right back! Beautiful!
Cheesy talk: When I listen to it and close my eyes I picture myself that I’m in China. The sounds fit perfect with images of chinese architecture in my head.

The other mixes are pretty good too. Jaimy & Kenny D. gives it their typical sound and the result is a much heavier and deeper production.


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