Dymension – Don’t Stop [1993]

While hardcore was fracturing into Happy Hardcore, Jungle and DnB, those north of the Wall were having a field day bashing the hardcore sound together with Euro styled techno, generating some fucking incredible banging uplifting tracks that put Clubscene and Bass Generator records firmly on the map. Instead of focusing on the tech, so many of these tracks were designed for one thing alone, to get your ass on the floor, arms in the air going fucking mental.

One of my favourite techno tracks from that time is this BELTER from Dymension, released on the 12″ of the same name. There’s no mistaking whats comming when that piano kicks off, you know your about to spend five minutes grinning ear to ear with your arms waving above your head. Cue strings and vocals and you well on the way until the track really kicks off and before you know it, your swinging from the rafters with five hundred other mad heads all grinning like fools. Epic track. Epic Vocal. Mental Piano’s. Awesome.


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