DJ Technotrance – YRS Stomp [1994]

Face ripping techno riffs from Technotrance aka Alex Mullen, the then resident of FUBAR, the legendary Scottish techno club in Stirling. Taken from the Technotrance EP and what a track to kick off your producing career with? Huge choppy bass hits, pounding bassdrums and that synth riff, sounding more like an angry analogue chainsaw than anything else, it cuts through this track like a hot knife through butter. The breakdown with that cheeky break riff does it for me but the darkness doesnt end there, with brooding string sections adding to the tension. One for throwing yourself into the dark for!

From Discogs
YRS Stomp is quite honestly one of the most underrated hardcore records ever. And in fact is in my eyes, the greatest hardcore track of all time. Despite being a Scottish track on a bouncy techno label, it has more in common in style with the sort of tracks Tango, Ratty and Fallout were producing around this time. The main breakdown is dark as hell, with a sinister voice breathing “i come in peace”…but it’s the hoovers that really make this track – raw and energetic, cutting through you like a knife.

There’s not many other tracks quite like this…it’s rough around the edges and the production’s not perfect. But believe me, you need this record!


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