The KLF – Last Train To Trancentral [1991]

Yes this is the version from the Stadium House trilogy but it was a) the best quality version on Youtube and B) you know its the best version 🙂

The KLF, Jimmy & Bill, lots of shit was said but the fact remains, they destroyed the UK charts at the beginning of the nineties. They released tracks that somehow united just about everyone in their enjoyment. The hooks are catchy, the bass drives its way through your skull, huge piano’s, massive vocal licks… the works. Its hard to pick my favourite KLF track, this definately goes way up there.

From Discogs
The other day, I caught myself watching the video of “Last Train To Trancentral” again. The takes were surreal, combining at the same time a competition between a train and the KLF Police vehicle (surprising as it must be, it’s one of the official members of the band!) on an ice smoking environment and a true rave party leaded by The KLF band Bill Drummond, Jimmy Cauty with the vocals of the rapper Ricardo Da Force, P.P. Arnold (the same that participated on “Evapor8”) and Black Steel (dressed in white).
The make-ups of the train wagons are simply hilarious: there is a sign of “The Jam’s” (their alias) in one of them, and others with graffiti and the KLF logo. Suddenly, there is a glance of a take with the train passing by a plaque with an 808 picture, the trademark of 808 State!


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