Renegade Soundwave – Ozone Breakdown [1989]

The B side to Soundwave’s seminal Phantom 12″, Ozone breakdown in itself is an absolute masterpiece. Huge breaks, perfect sampling, massive bassline. Nothing evokes quite the spirit of “anything goes” late 80’s acid house and hardcore like these classics from Renegade.

From Discogs
Although the years 1988-1990 are simply labelled as the ‘UK acid house years”, the most exciting music for anyone stuck in a freezing cold field during that time was the stuff that was loosely termed ‘freestyle’ – it kinda covered alot of bases back then, from The Moody Boyz’ “Funky Zulu”, to Masters At Work’s (the Todd Terry one) “Alright, Alright” to alot of Frankie Bones’ tunes to Renegade Soundwave’s “Ozone Breakdown”. But the master of all was undoubtedly “The Phantom”. Very seldom did a bassline cause complete bedlam as soon as it came on (one of the few rivals in the acid house arena I can remember is Charles B’s “Lack of Love”), but this did the business everytime. And the difference between this and 80% of the acid house output is that “The Phantom” STILL sounds great today.


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