Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon [1990]

Breakbeat MONSTER from some of the best beatfreaks out there. MBM paved the way with some seriously innovative styled dance tracks way back at the end of the 80’s and early 90’s, releasing shit that was so new and revolutionary, it helped pave the way for many of the future genre’s of music. You cant over look the raw unrestrained energy of this track, huge bassline, monster break and .. well who cares. Its a beast.

From Discogs
Arguably one of the first breakbeat/techno releases that was responsible for kick-starting the Uk Hardcore, & Jungle scenes here in the UK. Alongside Lenny D Ice..’We Are I.E.’, Success N Effect-Roll It Up(Let The Bass Kick), and many Shut Up And Dance releases. Using heavy dub atmospherics, 808/909 break beat textures, and a large dose of industrial/technology/futurism which attracted both the hip hop b-boy crowd, the dub/reggae followers, the ‘traditional’ acid house raving crew, and the techno heads. This release has it all…I’m an old school techno head first and foremost, but a great track should not be forgotten whatever genre it fits in.


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