DJ Rap & Voyager – Divine Rhythm [1992]

Rap’s first track and what a belter it is. Huge breaks, lots of strings and cranked bass, made entirely of samples save for the bassline thats original. It was caned to all hell towards the end of 92, finding its way into hardcore and jungle/dnb sets alike – found played out mostly on Ratpack sets from the time.

” I can feel another rush commin’ on!”

From Discogs
The vocal sample “Good news, Boppers, the big alert has been called off… [etc]” on Divine Rhythm is the final report from the unnamed radio DJ in the cult classic 1979 movie ‘The Warriors’, either sampled directly from the film or indirectly from the intro of Ozone Breakdown by Renegade Soundwave. The ambient synth and human voice backing sample is taken from the intro to Kyrie by Mr Mister and the later vocal element in the track is lifted from Shelter Me by Circuit.


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