Mark Knight & Funkagenda vs. Paul Thomas-Arena(MK’s Very Clubby Mix) [2008]

As tech house goes, this one sits firmly near the top of my list of favourites. Simple, catchy as hell riff, invoking memories of some of the progressive stuff from Stress Records from the early nineties. Quality.

From Discogs
While Mark Knight’s solo efforts are often on the cheesier electro end of progressive and tech house, when collaborating with other producers such as Paul Harris, D. Ramirez and Funkagenda the results are much more impressive. Arena is another example of this, however the sound achieved is far from fresh. I wonder what exactly Paul Harris brought to the table, considering that all this track comprises of is a series of samples and techniques lifted from other Knight/Funkagenda tracks with the addition of a riff lifted from a classic trance track released in 1999. The main hook in Arena has been appropriated almost verbatim from Andy Ling’s “Fixation”, however this incarnation manages to squander the epic tension and release and the euphoria of the original, despite a two


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