Reese Project – Direct Me (Joey Negro Disco Blend Mix) [1992]

Thank god for Kevin Saunderson, one of the early techno pioneers, he never lost the soul of the Motor city. Managing to effortlessly cross techno and garage into banging house-esque arrangements, he remains one of my top producers of all time. I mean, he was responsible for Inner City for Chrissakes!

Anyway, Joey does probably his best remix of all time with this 6 minutes of house bliss. Treating the vocals just as they should be, he throws in this massive piano, cracking breakdowns and all the sprinkles a house bunny could ever crave. Summery as hell. Played it to death on my holiday. I went to Hawaii. It was ace.

From Discogs
This 12″ contains one of joey negro’s finest remixes to date. i think it must be the piano riff that wins it for me and i know the joey negro mix was featured on the original 12″ but i wore that out playing it to death so thank god it was re-pressed on this remix 12″, sadly one bad point it ends a bit funny with a fade out when your least expecting it.


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