4 Strings – Take Me Away (Into The Night) (Original Mix) [2001]

One of the better early 2000 vocal trance releases. Its got a bit more soul, the strings are bang on and the vocals on the club mix unobtrusive. It was always played to death at Bridie O’Reillys, the Aussie chain of pubs I worked at through 2001 and 2002. It reminds me of larging it behind the bar next to the dancefloor at both Chapel Street and Brunswick. Every single saturday and sunday night, arms in the air, serving beers, dancing. It reminds me of going out after every shift at 4am to a club to hear this track all over again. Soundtrack to a very very fun time.

4 Strings – Take Me Away (Into The Night) (Original Vocal Mix)

From Discogs
In my humble opinion, this is the only necessary re-issue of the 4 Strings classic. These new (well, new-ish) mixes offer up a unique take on the classic while simultaneously stripping it of it’s vocals.

The 4 Strings Remix showcases the familiar instrumental experimental Tech side of the duo, much like “Mainline”, “Hurricane” and “Jewel” before it, but this time around it’s less melodic and more focused on a progressive or minimal structure (although the original melody is hinted at for a brief time in the mix).

D’Tech remix – this is by far the best mix of this track!! Works the dancefloor so well because it’s much chunkier than any of the other mixes. Very rare release, snap it up if u see it!


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