Carbon Based Lifeforms – Supersede [2010]

Ive been a closet CBL fan for a while and their latest album is, in my opinion by far their greatest. This is one of the best tracks on the album, a purely atmospheric downtempo classic. Its ambient enough to retain depth with the levels of strings and synths but there’s a courtesy bassdrum and snare keeping the whole thing together and moving. Many of their other offerings are far more ambient than this one but if your after deep, all encompassing electronica, start here.

From Discogs
I was highly anticipating this release and a little sceptical if the Carbon Based Lifeforms would be able to achieve a high level again such as in “World Of Sleepers”.

Trust me, they did.
They announced they experimented a little more with guitars and vocals this time so I was even more worried that they may be losing their style. But it turns out to be at an absolutely minimum scale and fits very very well.
The sounds they arranged this time are mindblowing and for me personally even more sound-of-the-universe-level.
I have listened to it as much as I could since the release and I am always discovering more electronic details. If I had to pick a favourite track (which will probably change from time to time),
right now it would be “Supersede”. You may be reminded of “Epicentre” when listening to it but they gave it such a unique touch which makes it an absolutely epic arrangement.

The overall feeling is very intense yet peaceful. They put so much love in this album, it is worth every cent!

For me it is the release of 2010 so far.


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