Starlight – Numero Uno (Club Mix) [1989]

Its Saturday which means only ONE THING. Time to crack out the full force Ital-House monster that is Starlight’s Numereo Uno. If ever there was a track that embodied the unabashed uplifting ethos of Ital-Piano House its going to be this one. For all intents and purposes, its 6 minutes of unrepentant cheese but its so fucking mental how can you not love it. That piano is absolutely on the money, guaranteed to get arms well up.

From Discogs
In the summer of 89, Italo House was big! there was several big Italo House tracks in the U.K. charts, and one of them was this biggy.. ‘Starlight – Numero Uno’ that hit the UK top ten in August 1989 and was produced by Groove Groove Melody.
Originally released a year earlier in 88 on Italy’s Discomagic Out Records as ‘Starlight Invention Group – Numero Uno’, which originally sampled the vocals of Aretha Franklin. A year later, on its rerelease, the vocals had been replaced with some now resung vocals, most likely to avoid legal trouble.
‘Starlight – Numero Uno’ was an instant hit, was a big track all over the world with people, and massive in the clubs.
‘Numero Uno’ was another production that was part of the sample mania that was going on within house music at the time, everyone was sample crazy, and this was one of many, done to great effect. Originally, it sampled several Disco tracks.. ‘Aretha Franklin’, ‘Rose Royce’, and the intro from ‘Quartz – Beyond the Clouds’, put together brilliantly to produce a hands in the air Italo House anthem, with a very catchy melody, and some crazy spoken samples.. “Talk is cheap”, “Time sky”, “Numero Uno” and a vocal sample which i think is taken from the Israeli pop icon Ofra Haza.
The good thing about this Italo House classic of the 80’s, is that its never been remixed, or overplayed, unlike some other Italo House tracks that have been continually remixed. This one remains set in stone as an Italo house classic of the 80’s and should remain there, untouched.


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