The Shamen – Pro>Gen (Land of Oz Mix) [1990]

Speaking of classic’s, we’ve been a bit light on the Shamen round here so lets kick off with probably my favourite of all their versions of Pro:Gen/Move Any Mountain, the Land of Oz mix. Its got a cracking build up, not too quick , not too long and the drop is epic. Mr C’s rapping I think shows its age a bit these days but in context, for 1990, its a revelation. Coupled with Shamen’s trademark synth work and driving basslines, there’s few things not to like!

Pro:Gen was sampled, remixed and copied over 40 odd times so for a laugh, lets see if I can list all of them;
Move Any Mountain (I.R.P Land of Oz Mix – Entact Album Release)
Move Any Mountain (Beat Mix)
Move Any Mountain (Mountains in the Sky Mix)
Move Any Mountain (F2 Mello/Alta Vista Mix)
Move Any Mountain (Landslide Edit)
Move Any Mountain (Rude Edit)
Move Any Mountain (Bonesbreak Mix)
Move Any Mountain (C.Mix)
Move Any Mountain ’96(Beatmasters 12″ Mix) **** awesome
Move Any Mountain (Beltram Mix)
Move Any Mountain (Rising High Dub)
Move Any Mountain (666/Devil Mix)

From Discogs
The one that swept the dancefloors clear of the turgid 109bpm ‘mellow house’ in late 1989/early 1990.

After the beats come in, some filtered, choppy guitar(?) chords rise powerfully and cleanly through the mix. This opening section used to fill dancefloors within ten seconds. Then a synth line drifts through, followed by a punchy riff. Then the vocals (by which point hands were waving, and neck-hairs were standing).

By the time the Mr C rap came in, the dance-floor was always pounding.

This tune was one of the first genuine cross-overs (in a number of genres – house, techno, industrial, indie, balearic), and spawned a staggering number of remixes. The Shamen were so bemused by them all that they released a triple-12″, including all the different samples used for the song, so budding producers could stitch them all together in whatever way they wanted.

This is the best version. Soulful, powerful, uplifting.


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