U.S.U.R.A – Open Your Mind [1992]

Commercially massive this and with good reason, its got that pounding bassdrum and the a fairly hefty portion of Simple Minds “New Gold Dream”. Chuck in some samples from a huge movie released only 18 months prior and your sorted. This bridged the gap between Italian disco inspired piano house and the then emerging progressive house scene, and in doing so remains relevant and playable.

From Discogs
The ‘Classic Mix’ is the pick of the bunch, using stomping meaty club oriented house beats, percussion that sounds like a high pitched barking dog, and a sustained but modulated tonal synthesizer line running throughout. This is rounded off by the sort of quality bass line that will ensure it still sounds good for many years to come.

Look out for the excellent promo video for this track which just about hints at some sort of political message.

Through the 1990s, Deconstruction released many classics, and this is right up there with the best of them.d. It proved to be a welcome relief from the glut of glowstick and vicks fairground hardcore, with that Simple Minds sample giving the whole track a far more mature sound .


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