Manix – Hardcore Junglism (Isms’s & Schisms) [1992]

Time for some Hardcore in these parts. Massive anthem from Manix – one part of the now 4Hero, Mark Clair. Its the B side track from the Rainbow People 12″ and probably got more play than anything else on the wax. I always felt the break was a bit weak but the kick off synth rip and vocal just nail it. Huge release from Reinforced.

From Discogs
Back, more years now than a care to count, i was a raver. I used to purchase on a saturday morning the odd 12″, the prodigy etc..
Then i had to take a little holiday. When fit again I decided to track down those nameless tracks that graced my underground hardcore mix tapes. So, now being the year 1995, the golden age was not long gone but most certainly past, a mate of mine then DJing a more club sound, still had a couple of boxes of ‘old’ hardcore. “Throw some on”, so i said one afternoon and it was then and there that i first set my eyes apon that runic R. This record here to be exact, four songs, all different, all great. A finer example of hardcore breakbeat you will not find. Classic.


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