Urban Hype – Feel The Heat [1992]

Cracking cookie cutter Hardcore track from Urban Hype, is plays back like a how too of nineties hardcore. Break opener, quick bassline showcase, break and bass, come in with the arms in the air piano, cut to synth. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

What makes this stand out against the noise of all the others? Well, you might say it was the piano, its quite a corker. You may say its the synth, no cheesy shape throwing here, its a driving foot tapping beastie. OR you might say, it was because 6 of people. Hugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub. Yep, Feel The Heat is the track that Urban Hype chucked the Trumpton samples into to turn it into “Trip 2 Trumpton”. Now the story goes, he just did it as a reaction to the truly awful Smart-e’s “Sesame’s Treat”. To sort of highlight how truly awful that track is. However this might be a case of joke running away with itself as the track found its way into nightclubs across the land full of office workers enjoying a quick nostaligia trip with their hardcore. Fact is, the track went huge and was universally condemmed.

Shame really, as the underlying track, this track, is a belter.

From Discogs
This tune was what the hardcore scene was all about for me in 1992. The pretty fierce breakbeats (and basslines on the remix) are constructed perfectly around uplifting pianos and ruff stabs and riffs. The cheese element comes from the Hugh, Pew Barney McGrew sample although the faltering alarm bell sample retains the urgency of it all. Totally ripped on Mark Ryder’s “Got any hardcore?” on Strictly Underground from the same year and wrongly so in my opinion, this one sold so many copies it virtually went commercial.


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