Gusto – Disco’s Revenge (Mole Hole Dirty Mix) [1995]

Probably one of the most well known (and well loved) of all those “Disco House” styled bouncy tunes from around the mid nineties. Taking the breakdown from Harvey Mason’s “Groovin’ You” and chucking in the prerequesite house beat is pretty much ninety percent of the track. Throw some ambiguous vocal stabs and your well on your way. But all credit goes to Harvey on this one, cracking funk riff.

From Discogs
We are all very familiar with the title track ‘Disco’s Revenge’. But put this aside – especially the female mix – and move straight to the fantastic ‘Mood Swing’ which is quite possibly Gusto’s finest piece of work, but which has never recevieved due consideration. It has a sharp beat ideal for mixing purposes and the soothing backdrop acts as the perfect complement.

One of the most famous Disco/House release of all times: remixed and covered many times.
All versions and re-versions contains samples of ‘Groovin’ You’ performed by Harvey Mason.
Some releases contains the Latin reworks of ‘Disco’s Revenge’ under the name ‘Desperado’. They are attributed to El Mariachi (2) AKA popular filmmaker Robert Rodriguez.


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