Cold Storage – Operatique [1995]

I forgot all about having the Wipeout soundtrack on my iPod. What a cracker this is, probably my favourite of all the tracks on the Wipeout soundtrack. Its got such a great range of synths and basslines that it just kills it when tearing down a track as fast as you can. I think I set just about every track record in the game to this track. Fond memories of caning this and Crazy Ivan mate 🙂

Tim Wright (Cold Storage) actually retained the rights to most of his music for all the video games he worked on and has kindly uploaded them for the nostagic amongst us on his website here

From Discogs
This game was my first PlayStation game, and my first real taste of electronic music that I actually liked as opposed to the annoying drum & bass/house that was popular at the time. The music is very trippy and psychedelic and fits the intense vehicle racing of the game very well. I remember playing this game for long hours, and mastering it while tripping out to the soundtrack. I only regret never having been able to take advantage of the game’s online multiplayer feature. 🙂 Looking back now I feel some of the tracks are maybe a bit too fast, and I would replace some of the beats that aren’t 4/4. Otherwise, it’s OK considering its time. I really didn’t like its sequel which featured a lot of drum & bass/house.

The very first Playstation game i ever bought,way back in 1995.What a surprise i got when i popped the CD into my car CD player for a laugh and got the soundtrack playing!Superb tracks here,a standout for me is “Messij”(later remixed by Tim Wright AKA Cold Storage,and released on his 2005 album”Melt”)the tracks are all pretty good with “Afro Ride”by Leftfield also a fine addition.Playing the game with its (by now)dated visuals is still a rush,and the soundtrack only enhances this experience.Sadly,the tracks were never released as a full “gametrack” album,but they are available for free download on Cold Storages’ website.


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