Banderas – This Is Your Life (The Less Stress Mix) [1991]

While we’re talking atmospheric, sweeping string sets, how about this Balearic classic from Banderas way back in 1991. They didnt really have any bigger hits than this but I remember coverting this from when I heard it on a Now Dance Album the same year. I think I caned this so much the track skipped to death, so I picked up the vinyl and found this Less Stress mix and was blown away. So chilled, so perfectly put together with those vocals. Its aging hasnt been the kindest but its a total stormer after a hard ass day. Its recently enjoyed a resurgence of popularity due to some average to above average trance remixes. But this mix is the tip-top. Enjoy!

Banderas – This Is Your Life (Original Mix) [1991]

From Discogs
British duo with vocalist Caroline Buckley and violinist/keyboardist Sally Herbert. Produced by Stephen Hague. Their one and only album, “Ripe”, did not do well in Europe and was even less successful Stateside, despite collaborations from Jimmy Somerville, guitarist Johnny Marr, and New Order’s Bernard Sumner. Perhaps its failure was due to consumer confusion; is Banderas a Spanish-language punk band, or a bizarre Sinead O’Connor side project? (The duo sported shaved heads). Two singles were released from the album, but they never released a second.


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