Soul II Soul – Back To Life (12″ Club Mix) [1989]

Frankly, I think this could have been one of the greatest tracks released in the 20th Century, full of positive, soulful vibes. Caron Wheelers vocals hit just the right notes making this one of the most sultry, beautiful tracks ive ever heard.

I caught the “Dr Who” segment of Glasto’s Sunday Night closeout on “The Other” stage with Orbital. Orbital had remixed the Dr Who theme and basically dropped a couple of layered breaks over it. Incidentally THIS IS WHY I AM LOATHE TO LIKE THEM, its remixing for the sake of it. I hope they got a shitton of cash. Regardless, 2 breaks used, I knew them both immediately, the first is the oft used shaker break from My Friend Sam’s “Its My Pleasure” , the other, slower funkier, groovier one is from this epic tune.

Orbital? Bollocks. Should have thrown the Dr from the stage and got Jazzy B up to tell the sheep whats what. What the fuck happened to this positive attitude?

From Discogs
“Biology” warehouse party early 1989 ,the sun has started to rise. Grooverider has played his set and Cutmaster Jay is in full effect.
Suddenly the music stops and Jarvis (Cutmaster Jay) starts ranting on the mic (which he was quite prone to do), a few good natured heckles and jeers are aimed at him. He continues on undettered and moments later drops this tune,
The effect was devestating, within seconds the whole party was rocking, going crazy to the sounds of Soul II Soul.I am not exaggerating but it got at least two rewinds. A fantastic record from an amazing era,thanks to The Biology crew for some wicked times.


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