Awesome 3 – Dont Go (Kicks Like A Mule Original Mix) [1992]

Played. To. Death. Is all you can say about this tune. It was underground, it was overground, shit it probably Wombled free for all I know. I dont think I know anyone that hasnt heard this track. Usually came packaged in and around Baby D’s Fantasy in any old Ritz club night but everyone knows where it came from. Its got its heart firmly placed in the cheese corner with uplifting piano business and unoffensive vocals and that cracking kick drum break from KLAM. Cracking

From Discogs
Well well well, now the only problem with this tune is deciding which mix to play as all three mixes are very playable. I still think the original is best however.

The piano line is instantly recognisable – why arent pianos used in dance tunes anymore!?!, the break is stolen from the Stone Roses “Fools Gold” which may have been sampled from something else – its a familiar break – these old breaks work so well in a house template. The bass and breaks really drive the track along. The vocals are actually quite good although lyrically it is simple. Another timeless classic from probably the most pivotal era of dance music and when breaks really did sound phat and roll, unlike todays disjointed breaks tunes.

The Kicks Like A Mule Remix is the one that got all the attention back in the day. Great to mix into with the cuts, scratches and shouts of “DONT”…”GO”. The K.L.A.M mix has some heavy hitting sub kicks too that do sound great on a club system. Again, their mix also uses a very nice break. Other than that they havent messed with the track too much, apart from swapping the break.


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