Hijack – Doomsday of Rap [1988]

What an incredible cut from Hijack, released not long after the pivotal Style Wars. Possibly one of my all time favourites, absolutely brutal breakbeat and scratch work from Undercover. Kamanchi Sly has some of the best lyrical deliveries of any MC ive ever heard and this track I think highlights just how balls out in your face Hijack were. Silver Bullet sounds so much like Sly in this track it would be hard to tell them apart. Truly the golden age of UK Hip Hop.

From Discogs
Hard, hard UK rap 12.
At a time (when is this not the case) when British rap was not hitting the same level as their US counterparts. These guys came along and hit so hard. Sitting on album covers with gas masks on and ninja swords way before Wu Tang clan, delivering hard, fast, funky rap, Komanchi Sly cutting through the beats with impecable delivery. Undercover, transforming and cutting up noise over the sledgehammer breaks

And it was from the UK, made you feel proud that we could do this rap thing as good the US.


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