Krome & Time – The Slammer [1993]

Ive got such a love/hate relationship with this track – the intro always felt a bit weak, fast forward to 1:30 and suddenly its a different hardcore pounder, total Amen break anarchy with that ultra pitched hiphop sample just kills it for me. Then comes the prerequesite chipmunk and piano but with a heavy ragga slant which nudges it above mediocrity and then back to rocking breaks and from that point it goes off for me. Is it a classic? There’s not doubt about that, it could be considered one of the last true “hardcore” tracks of the time before everything went darkness or cheddar. It got CANED by everyone and the kitchen sink and why? It has to be down to one of the purest uses of the Amen break ever – its just cut up perfectly.

From Discogs
This tune was massive when it came out, and I can remember being totally blown away when I first heard it. What really makes this tune special is the playful nature of the stabs, pianos, and the other samples they used, which gives this tune a kind of fair-ground feel. Together with a deep bass-line, and a wicked rolling break-beat, this one takes you on a roller-coaster ride, just as you’d expect if you were at a fair-ground! I’ve even had people who are not into oldschool hardcore comment on what an outstanding tune this is – nuff said!


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  1. Hey man, this is a great tune. Totally agree with the fair-ground thing. And like you said, i normally don’t listen to this kinda’ thing at all. But this is a tuneeeeeeeee.


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