Dr Atomic – Schudelfloss (High On Hedonisim Mix) [1993]

Its nothing but a Guerilla Friday today, so lets kick off with one of the labels best known releases, Schudelfloss from Dr Atomic. An absolutely cracking Progressive House track, maintains the dreamy ambience synonymous with all Guerilla Records releases but maintains a fantastic uplifting bassline. Perfect for loosing yourself in.

Vocal samples “I can feel it”, and “My mind is going”, taken from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, voice of HAL9000.
The opening monologue “I was about 13 years old, 14 maybe, we were going to the roadhouse,,,,” is taken from an episode from David Lynch’s “TWIN PEAKS”.

From Discogs
A great release from a great label, this for me is the pinnacle of uk progressive house circa 1992. A Spacey and atmospheric intro which builds and builds to a really uplifting break down, various samples thrown in for good measure creating a must have for early 90’s uk house fans. Caned at the time by Sasha & the highlight of Digweeds 2nd Renaissance mix CD.

I found Schudelfloss as a white label promo while digging around for records in a shop in late spring/early summer in 1993. What a lucky find. This song’s emotional breakdown still sends chills up my spine 15 years after its release. When progressive house spun out from the UK in 1991/1992 and reached its peak in 1993, this track was a gem on the style’s crown. And utterly amazing in the large parties that were thrown that summer and fall.


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