Michael Jackson – Workin’ Day & Night [1979]

Michael Jacksons first “official” solo studio album was the 1979’s “Off The Wall” and what an album it is. I dont think Jackson ever truly bettered this collaboration with Quincy Jones, managing to keep the album clear of all the Disco cheese of the time and packing it to the rafters with Funk, Soul and Pure Unadulterated Fun. One of my favourite tracks is the one above, heavy on the disco flavor but cheeky as all hell. Ive been putting in the hours just recently (hence the lack of quality updates) and find this fella to be a perfect way to describe it.

From Discogs
One of the tightest disco albums, with many hits and even more not so known tracks, of which many are as tight as the hits. Michael Jackson’s first successful solo recording, the previous records probably trying to continue the Jackson 5-format. Quincy Jones’ production and the new disco/funk/soul-sound in addition to Mr. Jacksons developing skills and charisma made this record both a smash hit and a record which continues to entertain and overwhelm even after thirty decades have passed since the original recording date.

If ever an artist has given so much to music worldwide, it is Michael Jackson. This album has more funk, more soul and more shake than any other album. From track 1 to 10 it is a ride of musical bliss. My fave tracks are Get on the floor, Off the wall, I can’t help it and Burn this disco out (If you’ve never heard these try to). Thriller was good but this shows what Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones were all about.


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