Robin S – Show Me Love (Original Extended Mix) [1992]

Possibly one of the greatest tracks ever released onto the dancefloor, most people wont confess to loving it but the moment it gets dropped the place WILL go nuts, no exceptions. Ive always preferred the Original Mix but AKA does a great job of doubling the length of the track, keeping it DJ friendly but interesting enough to not get repetetive.

What is it that makes this so legendary? The Korg synth riff is clean, deep and iconic and Ms Stones voice just offsets the synth perfectly. The minute her opening “Aaaaaaaahhh” kicks in your cerebellum lights up and somewhere deep inside you just knows that your about to have a LOT of fun. Its as simple a house track as your ever likely to find but it does everything right, in fact, if I had any criticism, it would be that pathetic 4 beat but since that was par for the course at the time, i’ll let it go!

Since its release in 1992, this track has had multiple additional release cycles usually adding different mixes every time. You’ve got trance, pop, hard house, techno remixes of the accapella but out of all of them, I would say that StoneBridge nails it but best remix.

Robin S – Show Me Love StoneBridge Remix


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  1. On hundred percent danceable! My god! You got to..

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