Astral Projection – Nilaya [1999]

What a track this is. Probably one of my favourites from Another World its depth of synth mastery I think outshines almost any other Psytrance track. There’s at least four main synth sections mixed with the pounding bassdrum that just sweep in and out of each other. Its farkin’ supreme, an absolutely stellar dancing track that you can loose yourself in and just when you think your journey is over….. off you go again!

From Discogs
Astral Projection’s “Another World” was released following the hugely sucessful “Dancing Galaxy”,and continues on that tradition of massive, rich and deep sounds of previousAstral Albums. Nine mind-blowing compositions, kicked off by the heavenly and angelic sounds of ‘Nilaya’ – a floor killer that captures the soul and takes it into a psychicjouney into the chakras.The album theme “Another World”is a pulsting grooveoverlaid with skylining power riffs. “Visions of Nasca” – images of colliding magnetic fields that mold into powerful and mysterious 3D morphing grooves.”Searching for UFOs” – a touching creation – a magical light from the galaxy beyond us with excitingmorning sounds. Other tracks include “Tryptomine Dream”, “Aqua Line Spirit”, Trance Dance and the legendary Mahadeva in a new form “Mahadeva 99”. All in alla multidimensional sound scape, breaking new boundaries in Psy Trance.
This album is Astral Projection at their peak in my opinion. While I love all their albums, Another World always stuck out for me. The overall feel and theme of the music is very futuristic and outerspace… Which is something I love in trance music. When an artist or album successfully captures this feeling in their music I go crazy for it. Tracks like “Nilaya” and “Tryptomine Dream” give these space images very well. Its debatable if Astral Projection is still considered goa trance as I write this review, but back when Another World came out, there was no better artist in the genre!

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