Krome & Time – Manic Stampede [1992]

Classic Hardcore stomper, definately a heavy cheese element but with the exception of the shape throwing middle riff, the rest of the track is tight as hell. Quality breakage, nice rolling bassline and lots of cracking vocal hooks. Great stuff!

From Discogs
Probably the best tune of 1992. Manic Stampede is an A-side tune too, something magical about the nutty, squirly synths (words often fail me :D), but there’s something slightly lacking. It might be the b-line, which seems perhaps too hard and repetetive, i can’t quite figure it out. Perhaps it’s just being dwarfed by the flip. Even so, still a fantastic tune.

But the A-side..Jesus Christ.. it’s goosepimple time! The continuity of this track is flawless! Utterley rude, right from the very start to the very end and unlike most heavy , full on tunes, theres no headache second time around – you can listen to it over and over again (I remember one party where it got 6 or 7 rewinds, with ppl screaming “AGAIN, AGAIN!” ).

Not one single ounce short of LEGENDARY


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